Bleeps, Blasts, Drones and Noise from Fabrica Records

Heathen Harvest

Sindre Bjerga – Future Jazz Loops 


Cassette player drones and kitchen sink psychedelia, sound ghosts hidden deep in the molten magnetic tapes.. always aiming for that mind-altering head trip…” Multifaceted Norwegian veteran of the international DIY experimental/noise circuit, Sindre Bjerga, has been performing and releasing music since the 90’s under his own name and with a series of projects and collaborations.

On this, his debut for Fabrica Records, he presents us with three live performances from 2013. Pro-dubbed edition of 50 audio cassettes.


Kilt – She’s Got The Evil In Her Ear


KILT are Bob Bellerue, Raven Chacon and Sandor Finta exploring and excavating sounds that could only rise from within the darkest crevices of the human spirit. The sound of metal being scraped across the factory floor.

Distortion seeping from a broken speaker. A jukebox playing in a loop inside a jet engine. Death ritual…

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