Vishudha Kali – Psenodakh

Heathen Harvest

psenodakh-crop Vishudha Kali – Psenodakh

The least ambitious music fools you with emotion. The slightly more adept aims at telling a wordless story. Highest of all, whatever form it takes, music aims for the sublime and in this it is like other art. As such, it reaches for the unnameable, that feeling of lucid solidarity with the universe and although it does not answer any questions, for a moment, it stops you from asking them.

In the same way that the history of visual art is the history of religious art, the history of music is tied into spirituality. The proto-painting was the blood-etched Paleolithic crocodile headed god on the firelit cave wall. Likewise, music emerged from the fireside ritual where the frenzy of the hunt gave way to a communal, elemental thanksgiving. However, as our cerebral cortex grew, so did our understanding of the sublime. Gilded martyrs soon looked down…

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