Skullflower – Draconis

Heathen Harvest

skullflower_draconis-crop Skullflower – Draconis

I have to start by confessing one thing, IIIrd Gatekeeper, one of Skullflower’s earlier works, is one of my favourite albums of all time. It is noisy and psychedelic, raw but with a beat behind it, makes you feel chipper but powerful and is perfect driving music for desert wastes or scum suburbia. Since then, Skullflower has released over two dozen albums, most of which I haven’t heard, and have gone through numerous changes in members. The question is, are they able to recreate some of that old magic or cultivate and implement new forms and ideas? Firstly, a retrospective.

matthew_bower Matthew Bower | Skullflower

Skullflower has tapped into that very real need that many of us have for distortion. In a way, static, feedback and distortion are emblematic of postmodernism itself and there is no real counterpart to it in older, more conventional musical forms. It…

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