My Top 13 Favourite Gothic Bands

The Hawkline Monster

The problem with writing a list such as this is that there isn’t really any solid definition of what Gothic music actually is. And so, if I get something wrong, I’m worried some Eldergoth purist will get mad at me. Not only that, I don’t want to label a band as just Goth, because I don’t feel that’s a fair thing to do. So really, this is more of a list of my favourite bands that have a Goth appeal or aesthetic. Also, I amn’t listing the ones I feel are the most important to the subculture or anything, just the ones I enjoy the most. But enough pointless chatter! On with the list:

Alien Sex Fiend/Cinema Strange: I’ll admit that I really haven’t listened to enough Deathrock yet. But I do love both of these bands, and since I couldn’t choose between either of them, I just decided to…

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