Faun – Von den Elben

Heathen Harvest

Von den ElbenVon den Elben

I will admit that when I read Faun’s new album, Von den Elben, included remakes and covers, coupled with a signing to Universal Records, nervousness crept in. After undergoing line-up changes and the signing of a new record deal, this was always going to be a sceptical listen. I have always loved the raw and intense energy of Faun‘s trademark elements: buzzing trompettes, grinding drones and chanter-blasting melodies supported by an array of eclectic beats and, best of all, the powerful and ever interchanging male/female vocals. Is this all to be compromised?

There aren’t many bands on the commercial market that boast such a repertoire of complex medieval instruments and voicing without the overuse of technology or the cover of thrash guitars. The idea of Faun and covers was my least concern. Faun has never demolished a cover track, and in most cases, has…

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