Infernal Awakening – Enlightened By Lucifer’s Flame

Heathen Harvest

 Infernal Awakening - Enlightened by Lucifer's Flame Infernal Awakening – Enlightened by Lucifer’s Flame

The album title Enlightened By Lucifer’s Flame leaves little doubt as to Infernal Awakening‘s style and purpose. True to the artist I reckon has most inspired them, Infernal Awakening‘s technical chops are impressive; Tempest’s cluttered, biting riffs get the right sort of aggression across, and Anchalagon’s drumwork is impressive, for his speed and punishment of the snare. In spite of this obvious grasp of technique, I can’t help but feel Enlightened By Lucifer’s Flame sounds pretty cheap in the way it is arranged and produced. A lot of this has to do with their symphonic side. Keyboardist Amdusia’s synth tone sounds dull and generic, and the symphonic embellishments rarely amount to more than a kitschy backdrop to the rest of the music. The way Infernal Awakening have added symphonic orchestrations atop already busy guitar parts runs closely parallel with Fleshgod Apocalypse

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