Shells of Edom + Ho Ophis – Shattered Human Masquerade

Heathen Harvest

shm-crop Shells of Edom + Ho Ophis – Shattered Human Masquerade

When things begin with a direct encounter with a Sun Demon named Sorath, you know it is too late to turn back. The invocation has begun, and through a string of circumstances I have been allowed, perhaps tricked, to enter the sinister world of Shells of Edom and Ho Ophis. It is obvious the intentions here are purely malicious, to represent the darkest aspects of humanity through praise and libations of blood. The indecipherable chant begins, and while the words are not recognizable the Chthonic tone certainly is. For ten minutes, a murky rhythm continues then dissipates, constantly devouring itself and regurgitating its filth to reveal to the world.

This is Ritual Dark Ambient refined through years of diligent study in what is obviously the Left-Hand Path. How these individuals define themselves; Satanists, Setians, Anti-Cosmic, is beyond my…

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