Usnea – Random Cosmic Violence

Heathen Harvest

usnea-600x320 Usnea – Random Cosmic Violence

We have become prisoners within these city walls, begging with a bowl for droppings from the feast of abundance. Our waters are poisoned in this modern faux baptismal rite of the modern world. Trapped within a world of survival, our refuge of the woods is under constant threat.  In this strange dichotomy of an adoration of the Natural world, the concrete under our feet leaves the echo of a constant rhythm within our lives. The rotting walls called home are but a brief respite in a modern world that brings the taste of vomit to our tongues with the mere thought. Slowly, this anger is spoken, a frustration born from the mouths of bastards. Usnea’s self -titled LP features two tracks, Chaoskampf and Brazen Bull of Phalaris. With this, is a downloadable code for the extra tracks Monuments to Avarice and Empirical Evidence of a Deranged…

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