New on Prison Tatt; Nuit Noire 12″ and Malkuth LP

Heathen Harvest

Nuit Noire – A Beautiful Belief one-sided LP, ltd. 100

nnThis iconoclastic French band is one of the first artists that was contacted for possible release when the Prison Tatt label was first formed. Their earliest demos were the rawest, mono-riffic black metal imaginable, with anthemic, basement-rendered tunes, and over the years, NN have evolved into a wholly unique band that inhabit their own universe, populated, as their sleeve illustrates, with “trees, moon, stars, night, and fairies.” Their sound in the latter 2000s has owed more to punk than black metal, with Tenebras’ melodic vocals emerging ever forward; and deftly written, infectious songs that take seat in your head and never leave.

Nuit Noire have always appealed to this label for their utter uniqueness, and for their their obsession with night and its infinite mystery, especially over other, more common black metal topics like hate, despair, and anti-christian sentiments. The world…

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