Tongues – Thelésis Ignis

Heathen Harvest

Tongues |Thelésis IgnisTongues | Thelésis Ignis

Tongues‘ debut EP Thelésis Ignis is among the latest in a recent trend of void-related observations in black metal. The nihilistic implications of a ‘total emptiness’ are unsurprisingly attractive to the murkier depths of the genre. Interestingly enough, whenever a image of a void or abyss is evoked, it usually manifests itself similarly in the music. For US harbingers Void Meditation Cult (I seem impelled to mention them, if only for their nomenclatorial similarity to one of the tracks here), it was felt in the unexpectedly resonant atmosphere behind their otherwise blunt wall of aggression. In most other ways, Tongues offers a considerably different approach in their music, but that empty-yet-simultaneously-vast atmosphere gives Thelésis Ignis a familiar sense of abandon.

Clocking in at just over half an hour, Tongues introduction via I, Voidhanger offers a substantive-enough taste of the band, without spoiling anticipation for lengthier…

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