[Literary] Troubadours of the Apocalypse: Voices from the Neofolk… Underground

Heathen Harvest

Troubadours of the ApocalypseTroubadours of the Apocalypse

Copies of Troubadours of the Apocalypse: Voices from the Neofolk, Industrial & Neoclassical Underground (signed by editor Troy Southgate) are now available to pre-order from Black Front Press. The book is approximately 200 pages in length and costs just £15 with free postage to anywhere in the world. The Paypal address is blackfrontpress@yahoo.co.uk, and you can find more details below.  Artwork by Bogusart.

Troy Southgate Troy Southgate

The trumpets are sounding and the Apocalypse beckons. Empires come and go, civilisations rise and fall. Throughout millennia the indomitable cycle of birth, death and rebirth has left its indelible mark upon the stuttering ebb and flow of human history. Few people, before the advent of the fifth century, could have imagined that the mighty Roman Empire would soon be lying in tatters at the feet of its barbarian invaders. And now, over 1500 years later, we find…

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