Sol Invictus – Once Upon a Time

Heathen Harvest

Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time

I have always discarded “writer’s block” as a petty excuse for exhaustion, a bit like “hitting the wall” in a marathon run. Then I accepted the task of reviewing the latest Sol Invictus recording, Once Upon a Time. Don’t be concerned; after five listens, I no longer feel so overwhelmed that I can’t write about it. I’m actually completely engaged and lost for words, and now giving credence to “writer’s block.”

I went to my bookcase after the fourth listen. I’m the proud owner of the Above Us the Sun lyric book which was released by Tony Wakeford in 1994 on his own Tursa imprint. I auspiciously noticed that its twentieth anniversary coincides with Sol’s latest release. Searching for inspiration, I randomly turned to page 65 which left the lyrics to “The Killing Tide” staring at me. I read the first verse:

“I look back…

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