The Dark Angels of Altamont

Loud Alien Noize


aLTAMONTTo know wtf happened at Altamont just click on the pic by Lois Stavsky

by Tobe Damit 2014/12/02

Blindfolded Clown

     I just wanted for my own pleasure to gather some bands that, for a short while during the late 60s, early 70s,had a look that was some sort of mix between romanticism and goth with a slight psychedelic touch. I thought some of you might not exactly know what I am talking about…So… An image being worth a thousand words, here are images of some well-known bands that ”wore” that style I very much like and could very well demonstrate precisely what I was trying to explain.  I wanted to do this for a while now because it is a rather short and unfortunately rather unexplored period …Of course, it has been revived later on but to me it always lacked the wild romantic touch of the 60s and…

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