Boring Machines: Z’ev, Simon Balestrazzi, and Techno-Ambient From Zone Démersale

Heathen Harvest

Ebb & FlowEbb & Flow

Dream Weapon Ritual is the duo of post-industrial maestro Simon Balestrazzi ( T.A.C. Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata, Chandor Chasma and many other projects) and actress/performer Monica Serra. They play free-form music that draws equally from droning electronica soundscapes and imaginary folk visions. Ebb & Flow is their latest album since 2011 and it’s another step forward in their imaginary blend of the archaic and the modern. Together with the core duo, Ebb & Flow sees contributions from M.S.Miroslaw (sacred horse skull), Massimo Olla aka Noisedelik (chalumeau), Paolo Sanna (various percussions), Donato Epiro (flutes), Antonio Gallucci of Architeuthis Rex (guitar, percussions).

The album is released on black vinyl, cover art features sculptures by artist Enrico Marani.

Z’ev & Simon Balestrazzi – Reverbalizations

Reverbalizations Reverbalizations

Another great piece of music from Simon Balestrazzi, this time confronting himself with another myth of industrial music, percussionist and performer Z’ev who…

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