“Bloodletting” was an anthem of the early ’90s. I first saw Concrete Blonde live at the Pikes Peak Center in Colorado Springs, a venue usually reserved for classical music. At a CB concert, I always plant myself in the front row right in front of her. At one point, I was lucky enough to catch the gaze of her beautiful eyes. The crowd was compromised of the goth/punk/alternative set of Colorado Springs. Next to me was one of the most beautiful gothic girls I’ve ever seen. She had pale skin, and medium length black wavy hair parted in the middle, and she was dressed in black. Her boyfriend was passed out on drugs, using the stage as a pillow. People started jumping up on stage and stage diving. Johnette brought the crowd back under control, “Hey man, I’m from L.A. When I see people rushing at me, I think they’re gonna rob me.” People stopped rushing the stage after that.

I saw them again in Denver a few times throughout the 90s. I always planted myself in the front row, in front of her. And, I caught her gaze more than once. That time, she was wearing a red Chinese dress.


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