Goya – Satan’s Fire

Heathen Harvest

Satan's FireSatan’s Fire

There’s a place where the gargantuan, Iommic riffs of Sleep collide with the gritty, feedback-strewn psychedelia of Glitterhouse Records-era Monster Magnet and the narcotizing waves of distortion unleashed on Bardo Pond’s peerless Lapsed album, and that particular destination can be found on Goya’s excellent Satan’s Fire EP. Goya’s initial outing, 777, found the band reveling in the seedy underbelly of stoner metal and doom, bringing to mind inevitable comparisons to such acts as Electric Wizard, Cough, and, most notably, the aforementioned Sleep. Satan’s Fire is in no way a departure from the band’s earlier accomplishment, but it is definitely a refinement of style executed with an array of effects pedals and impossibly fuzzed-out distortion, amplified by extreme hatred and disgust. With Satan’s Fire—and their subsequent split release with Wounded Giant on STB Records—Goya is officially a force to be reckoned…

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