Monocube – Blue Dusk /// Red Dawn

Heathen Harvest

Blue Dusk /// Red DawnBlue Dusk /// Red Dawn

First, the obvious: Midira Records and Monocube have come up with something very eye-catching for the artwork of the project’s second full-length, Blue Dusk /// Red Dawn. I know it’s just a photo of a woman hiding her intimates with her hand, but it does somehow veil a story and develop a peculiar mood as well. At the very least, it is sure to leave a lot to your imagination, as do the black and white, late-night urban landscapes. Even if it’s a small detail, it’s kind of a novelty for the abstract, or rather, the usual industrial aesthetics of the dark ambient and drone genres.

And this album is dark ambient to the bone. Before I received it, I expected Blue Dusk /// Red Dawn to be minimalist and rhythmic, but no: Monocube is all about slowly expanding darkness. In four lengthy…

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