Apócrýphos – The Prisoners Cinema

Heathen Harvest

The Prisoners CinemaThe Prisoners Cinema

One of the most harrowing experiences imaginable, I think, is being trapped in captivity—caught in isolation, every moment filled with fear and uncertainty, days bleeding into each other until all sense of time is lost.  I wonder what happens to the mind in such situations. Does it implode?  Expand?  Perhaps a bit of both?  It’s impossible to say; you never know how you might be affected until it happens.

Robert C. Kozletsky would like to share his interpretations with you.  If the name sounds familiar, he was half of the short-lived but lauded dark ambient project Psychomanteum, but now records solo under the name Apócrýphos.  His debut release is The Prisoners Cinema, a collection of eight sonic portraits that aim to make captivity an auditory experience; it’s a mind’s-eye view into what the titular prisoner witnesses, both visually and psychologically; within the confines of…

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