TeHÔM – Lacrimae Mundi

Heathen Harvest

Lacrimae MundiLacrimae Mundi

When I first received Lacrimae Mundi, my first thought was that it had a damn smashing cover. It depicted a Therian birdman kneeling before a bonfire in the perfect image of a dreamlike shamanic ceremony; it was otherworldly yet connected to our strange standing in the universe. Those inquisitive and observant followers of the Harvest might recall me giving Lacrimae Mundi a spot in my end-of-year best-of list, and I must confess that it is a shame that I have not been able to take the time to write this review until now.

TeHÔM is a project with a story so rich that it would take an entire article in itself to explore. Founded nearly three decades ago in 1988 by Sinisa Ocurscak and Miljenko Rajakovic, TeHÔM exists as a means for the duo to delve deeper into the philosophy of religion through music. In 1997…

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