Witchclan – The Dark Binding

Heathen Harvest

The Dark BindingThe Dark Binding

The High Priestess speaks an invocation, conjuring spirits from below. The devil’s instrument, the electric guitar, adds to this curse, and a fire-born tongue speaks of horrors better left unsaid. Witchclan is a traditional black metal band from the UK, the kind that will be adored by those who like lo-fi recording, keyboards, and as many references to Old Nick as possible. With a naked Demoness on the cover, standing above a pentagram amongst other robed creatures whom I assume spoke the spell to awaken this chthonic spirit, there is no doubt what we are getting into here.  This is not an attempt to reinvent the genre, but a traditionalist approach at making truly Satanic black metal.

“Worms of Hypocrisy” starts the album off right. Though clocking in at seven minutes long, it sets off immediately into a strong riff and sinister vocals. This same formula continues…

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