Lost Harbours – Wooden Wires

Heathen Harvest

Wooden WiresWooden Wires

Lost Harbors is metaphorically like the kind of person you meet that seems like a nice and decent individual. They are polite to others, cordial in conversation, and everything about them in general seems fine and normal. For some reason though, you still do not really like this person. There is no reason you can find to pinpoint it, but they are just not someone you are very interested in. Sure, it is okay when they are around, you don’t exactly want them to go away, but you would not seek them out either. It is the same idea with Lost Harbours’ latest release, Wooden Wires: it is not the kind of thing I would seek out, nor would I complain if I walked into a room and the album was playing.  There’s simply a neutral impression.

Wooden Wires consists of a series of tracks with very…

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