Climbing the World Tree; an Interview with Bluebird Gaia of Lasher Keen

Heathen Harvest

Bluebird Gaia Bluebird Gaia | Credit: Dennis N. Scott


An Interview with Bluebird Gaia of Lasher Keen

by Ian Campbell


Lasher Keen is the strange and wonderful creation of a wife/husband duo (with various other collaborators) based out of Nevada City in Northern California. Bluebird Gaia and Dylan Sheets combine the sounds of acid folk, traditional song, bardic storytelling, and theatrical performance into a synthesis of manic music that has just the perfect touch of insanity. They’ve been compared to Comus or The Incredible String Band, but Lasher Keen incorporates modern ambient sounds, Pagan themes, and even influences as seemingly diverse as Motown and funk. Last year’s Mantic Poetry, Oracular Prophecy saw the band delving deep into psychedelic songs, with the whole album being dedicated to the psychoactive amanita muscaria mushroom. 2015 has seen the band take a new and unexpected turn. They wrote and performed a…

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