The Steve Allen Plymouth Show (1956-60)

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Jack Kerouac-Steve AllenJack Kerouac-Steve Allen

Classic variety show hosted by Steve with a great crew of regulars and top guests.

November 16,1959 episode – Show opens with a sketch with Steve playing piano as tonight’s guests and show regulars do some comedy.  Steve brings on Frankie Laine who sings “Lover Come Back To Me.” Now a Plymouth commercial.

Steve does “The Allen Report To The Nation”, a bit about the common cold and brings on Louis Nye as a the owner of a factory that makes medicine for colds.  Bandleader Les Brown comes out as a man that was experimented on. Next up is Don Knotts as bacteriologist Professor Dorton. The bit closes with Louis.

Steve recommends a couple books. One is “Exodus” by Leon Uris The next is “Gentlemen, Scholars And Scoundrels-The Best From Harper’s Magazine From 1850 To The Present.” The theme to “Richard Diamond” is heard and that brings…

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