Skinless – Only The Ruthless Remain

Heathen Harvest

Only the Ruthless RemainOnly the Ruthless Remain

2015 marks the 30-year anniversary of the release of “Seven Churches,” the epochal debut album of Florida’s Possessed, commonly held to be ground zero for what would go on to be known as death metal. After uprooting itself from Florida and spreading itself across the globe like some sort of viral plague, diverging, hybridising and propagating itself through innumerable mutagenic strains – melodic, brutal, technical, progressive, death/black, black/death, slam, goregrind, etc. – it feels proper that such a round number should mark the release of an album as archetypal as Skinless’ “Only the Ruthless Remain,” a death metal record so unblemished in its purity and unambiguous in its intent that it could be locked in a temperature- and pressure-controlled vault in the Swiss Alps and be used henceforth as the international metric standard for death metal. Accordingly, the amount of pleasure you derive from “

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