Sturmpercht / Rauhnåcht – Zur Ew’gen Ruh

Heathen Harvest

Zur Ew'gen RuhZur Ew’gen Ruh

There is folk, and then there is black metal. For some, never the twain shall meet. On its own and in the absence of any sub-categorical prefixes, with its typically clear-cut softness, the influence of tradition/nostalgia, and the sole reliance on acoustic instrumentation, traditional folk music is capable of being lovely, if not moving. One could then deduce that the other side of this coin can only be something harsh, cold, dark, and electric, which is essentially the sonic representation of black metal. The latter has the propensity to be equally moving and at least subjectively lovely, but in a much more visceral or cathartic manner. While all genres can easily be poorly performed, there is something particular about the ease with which black metal and folk can go wrong, never mind the attempts at merging such contrasting opposites together and the subsequent auditory disasters that…

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