Brighter Death Now – With Promises of Death

Heathen Harvest

With Promises of DeathWith Promises of Death

Entertainment through pain: a phrase first coined as Throbbing Gristle terminated its mission, and one which has been taken up enthusiastically as one of the founding values of post-industrial culture. Like any movement as it progresses through the stages of maturity, however, form overtakes function. The medium becomes the message. What was confronting initially becomes a comforting reassurance as familiarity allows tribal identification. As an established genre, industrial and its offshoots have developed a recognizable set of tropes, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the murky realms of power electronics and death industrial. These are ‘house styles’ based on an ambiguous critical distance in which atrocities can be catalogued ad nauseum in an arms race of perversity, yet the creator remains aloof, defended from critics by a shield of bored ennui. ‘I just work here’, as the old saying goes. Conversely, there’s the…

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