Paramnesia – Paramnesia

Heathen Harvest


Paramnesia is the kind of band that focuses almost exclusively on atmospheric intensity. Their particular breed of black metal relies on creating consecutive movements that will somehow manage to increase the level of intensity, even when it does not seem possible that another, even stronger emotional crescendo could be lurking in the next passage, begging for a climax that never seems to come. A method such as this is both exhausting and intriguing, and it comes together over two expansive twenty-minute tracks to create an experience that is worth having.

Pierre Perichaud‘s drumwork is absolutely relentless, pounding the whole way through Paramnesia’s self-titled debut as if he has no idea how to play anything else, or if he did, he might explode—all done with a precision technique that you’d be more likely to see out of Abe Cunningham than anything in the black metal genre. There…

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