Black Mare / Lycia – Low Crimes / Silver Leaf

Heathen Harvest

Black Mare / Lycia SplitBlack Mare / Lycia Split

It’s unreal how bad some people treat their favorite things. If I must be honest about this one, both my editor, S. L. Weatherford, and I have been sleeping on this review for quite some time now. We both wanted to do the write-up, and we went from a planned collaboration on it to shamelessly hiding it somewhere in the back of our minds. I guess it’s also true that the more you get into a record, the harder it gets to describe it. As a reviewer, you end up wondering, ‘Did I say it all? Did I hear everything?’ This is only a 7″, of course, so there is only so much information to digest, but when facing two artists who are known for their depth like Black Mare and Lycia, one can’t help but wonder.

Naturally, as can perhaps be hinted…

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