Jess and the Ancient Ones

Rock Chicks Rule!

Jess-01Jess and the Ancient Ones is a female-fronted Finnish occult rock band with pyschedelic influences. Jess and the Ancient Ones was formed in 2010 by Thomas Corpse (guitar) and Thomas Fiend (guitar/backing vocals) to “explore the dark magical realms beyond the mundane.”Jess-03B They are joined by Jess (vocals), Von Stroh (guitar), Fast Jake (bass), Yussuf (drums) and Abraham (keyboards). They cite as influences Mercyful Fate, Roky Erikson, Iron Maiden and ABBA.” Yes, ABBA. I like this band, but I love their name which brings to mind H.P. Lovecraft.

The other day, I picked up Terrorizer presents… The Devil’s Music, a special collector’s edition of the UK’s extreme metal magazine dedicated to “the New Wave of Occult Rock.” I read an article called “The High Priestesses” in which a number of the genre’s fresh “Satanic Sisters and Hells Belles” were showcased. I discovered some…

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