10 Bands on Bandcamp That You Should Check Out, Like, Last Wednesday…

Dagger's Domain

I decided this was a good idea since these may not be bands that you’ve yet encountered on bandcamp, and they are ones I highly recommend if you are also a peruser of the site (or haven’t yet went adventuring through for new music to go deaf to). At least listen to one song from each of these bands, because they deserve that and you might be missing out on something you’ll hella vibe with! If you don’t check out all of these bands out though, I won’t go to ANY of your children’s plays or events, not sorry about it! Anyway, thank you for reading and enjoy!

  1. Shrouds (California):

    1.  https://shrouds-official.bandcamp.com/album/shrouds-e-p
    2. Also if you’d like a shirt or pins, hit up the members, they’ve got the goods!
    3. For fans of: deathrock (like Rozz/Christian Death deathrock and PART 1) and also for fans of  hella stocking up on Halloween…

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